Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 3

Links between students’ entrepreneurship, their career choices and business development level of Lithuanian regions

Rita Mičiulienė, Virginija Kargytė


Human resources are crucial for the competitiveness of a region. Despite this fact, the links between business development in Lithuanian regions and career choices of higher education graduates are not substantially researched. The article aims to explore links between students’ entrepreneurship, their career choices and regions they came from. For this purpose 413 students from various higher education institutions in Lithuania were surveyed and grouped based on business development level in their origin region, i.e. to those from regions of high, medium and low level of business development. These three student groups were compared in terms of higher education institution and study program choice, their and their family relationship with business and choice of region for future career. Research results showed that business development level of student origin region does not have significant influence for student career choice: entrepreneurship focus of selected higher education institution or study program is not a decisive factor in student career choice; models of family business, in which students get to acquire first business experience, are quite similar in regions of different level of business development; most students after their studies would like to stay in the city, where they are studying, which most often is a location of high level of business development. This information is important to career specialists that analyse work force mobility trends, as well as to those in charge of regional policy that seek to balance the development of regions.

JEL Codes: C83, J24, L26, O15.

Keyword(s): student entrepreneurship, career choices, regions, migration, survey

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