Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 3

Innovative rural health tourism development in region of Klaipėda

Šarūnas Banevičius


By observing and analysing the economic processes taking place in the EU and Lithuanian rural areas in the last decade in non-traditional agricultural activities, the most significant changes are visible in rural tourism business. Therefore, recently more and more attention is paid to research designed to expose rural tourism development direction and management measures. The aim of the article is to analyse the regional policy of the development of innovative rural tourism in Lithuania, the possibilities for health development and to provide development management measures. The article was devoted to the analysis of scientific, statistical literature and rural tourism development issues. During the survey semi-standardized interviews were conducted with the heads and specialists of the Klaipėda district. The conversations were not strictly formalized, therefore the atmosphere of the conversation was free and productive. The analysis of the proposals for the development and management of the Klaipėda region, the possibilities and obstacles to the development of health development were analysed, and the innovative concept of rural tourism development for ensuring the sustainable prosperity of regional tourism was analysed.

JEL Codes: I31; I38.

Keyword(s): rural tourism development, health tourism, wellness, management

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