Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 2

The Peculiarities of Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources in the Private Sector of Šiauliai City

Žydrė Petrylaitė


Issues of recruitment and selection of human resources are analysed in the article, also definitions of recruitment and selection are discussed, ways of employee recruitment and methods of selection are examined. Human resources are often identified as the fundamental resources of every enterprise, affecting efficiency and competitiveness of enterprise activity. Therefore, it would be useful for CEOs to realize that it is necessary to select proper sources of human resources recruitment and the methods of their selection. The following question formulates an issue of the study: what are the peculiarities of employee recruitment and selection in the private sector? The purpose of the study: to find out the peculiarities of practical application of theoretical aspects of recruitment and selection of human resources in the private sector of Siauliai city after completion of their analysis. A questionnaire method has been used for collection of the study data. Statistical analysis has been used for grouping of the data of a questionnaire survey. It has been found out that most of employees get employed in the private sector subject to recommendations and they usually search for job vacancies on Internet and in advertisements. A screening interview is the most commonly used method of personnel selection in private enterprises. It has been found out that a type of unstructured interview is the most popular.

JEL Codes: M12, M51.


Keyword(s): human resources, recruitment, the methods of employee selection

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