Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 1

Humanistic aspect of organizational climate

Žaneta Kavaliauskienė


The aim of the article is to prove the expression of humanistic aspect of organizational climate in a particular subdivision of a public institution, while using a special scale of full standardized test of climate crisis created and adapted by G. Merkys et al. (2005). In this article concentrated conceptions of organizational climate and humanistic approach towards human resource management are reflected; the specific methodological aspects of the concrete institution and its work teams are applied the data processed is reasoned. The scientific research hypothesis that the organizational climate in the subdivision of a public institution is uneven, uncongenial, therefore, demanding some specific managerial intervention has been partly proved.

JEL codes: M100, M120.

Keyword(s): organizational climate, organizational commitment, humanism, human resources management

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