Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 2

Improvement of Measures for the Integration of Persons With Disabilities Into the Labor Market of Lithuania

Gabija Gružinskienė


The integration of persons with disabilities into the labor market is one of the instruments to increase employment in Lithuania. Scientific problem – to determine what factors influence the in-tegration of disabled people into the labor market and improvement of what measures would lead to a higher level of employment of people with disabilities. Goal of the scientific paper – after analysis of factors that influence the integration of persons with disabilities in Lithuania, to present propo-sals for their improvement. Literature analysis and expert interviews were carried out for purposes of this scientific paper.
Results of the research show that it is very important to adapt programs of professional rehabilitation for persons with disabilities according demands of labor market, to increase emp-loyers' involvement in the initial recruitment process, to provide employment assistance services, to increase the motivation of disabled persons for employment by creating the appropriate labor condi-tions and to strengthen control of social enterprises and use of state aid.

JEL Codes: H18, I38, J21.


Keyword(s): integration, disabled people, employment

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