Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 2

The Drivers of Thematic Village’s Development in Strengthening Their Vitality

Vilma Atkočiūnienė, Greta Kaminaitė


The strategy of Thematic villages in Lithuania actively apply the 11 villages, 5 from them (Pelėdų, Lieptų, Paukščių, Senolių, Meniškas kaimas) were tested. The aim of the research - to set the drivers of thematic village’s development and to strengthening their vitality. For thematic villages development and principles analysis were applied of thematic villages leaders questionnaire, online sources information. The most important factors that held back the development of thematic villages - the lack of information and knowledge, closeness, weak thematic village’s leader’s needs to learn, lack of the marketing tools, weak public relations, a small number of population are interest in rural thematic strategy. The driving forces of Lithuanian thematic village’s development are: development of crafts, local tourism organization and provision of services, fostering folk traditions, starting a business, additional income, attraction of tourists, presentation of culinary and cultural heritage.

JEL Codes: L31, O21, O35, Q01.


Keyword(s): village vitality, identity, strategy, thematic village

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