Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 1

Effectiveness of youth policy model in belarus at the contemporary stage of development

Natalia Sechko, Svetlana Romanova


Since 1991 Belarus has been implementing a youth policy. Scientific problem was formulated as follows: How effective is the model of youth policy in Belarus? The present paper aimed at investigating the extent how young people are informed about the directions of youth policy; how do they evaluate its implementation; what kind of support do they need; what should be changed in the youth policy in order to increase its effectiveness. Research methodology: neoinstitutional analysis of the youth policy model on the basis of legislation and government programs. Empirical research is based on an online survey of 387 respondents. It was revealed that young people are least informed about the mechanisms of support in the labor market and about the support of young families. The key moment in the development of the state youth policy in Belarus is that support should be provided to all youth, and not to certain categories of it.

JEL Codes: D78, I31, I38, J08.

Keyword(s): youth policy, labor market, state youth policy, work with youth, young families, youth

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