Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 1

Adult non-formal learning motives and future needs: Klaipėda city's case

Ilvija Pikturnaitė, Judita Jonuševičienė, Robertas Kavolius


The lack of learning motivation is often presented as one of the reasons that interfere adults to learn. Therefore the purpose of research is to reveal Klaipėda city residents’, employers’ and other social partners’ motives and future needs of participation in non-formal education. The questionnaire survey of Klaipėda city residents, employers and other social partners was implemen-ted by using pre-made standardized questionnaires, which were composed with consideration of the Lithuanian Republic Non-formal Adult Education Law. Klaipėda city residents link non-formal learning more closely to gratification of individual interests. Employers and social partners expressed positive attitude towards learning.

JEL Codes: I21, I28, I29.


Keyword(s): life-long learning, motives, needs, policy, non-formal education

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