Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 4

Evaluation of managers leadership

Neringa Vilkaitė-Vaitonė, Palmira Papšienė, Virginija Stulgienė


The publication analyses the problem of evaluation of managers’ leadership. Purposeful and efficient leadership of management staff may determine successful activity of employees and decrease employees’ resistance to changes in unstable organizational environment. The research goal – having analysed theoretical assumptions of leadership assessment of managing personnel, to determine possibilities of their practical application in business organization. For the evaluation of leadership, the paper proposes to apply one of the most popular instruments of leadership assessment – multi-factor questionnaire of leadership. This instrument allows determining leadership style. Empirical research was performed in the construction business company CSC „Aukstata“. Results of the pilot research confirmed the possibilities to apply multi-factor questionnaire of leadership in case of business companies in Lithuania. The research results showed the strongest expression of idealized influence, awards depending on the results in the construction business company.

JEL Codes: M12, O15.


Keyword(s): leadership, leader, manager, management, employees, leadership strengthening

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