Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 4

New motives and models for creation social business in the Republic of Belarus

Stasė Navasaitienė, Marharyta Vishniakova, Rasa Rukuižienė


The article presents the overview of the approaches and models, which are important in determination of social entrepreneurship driving forces. The research problem is arised for getting more wide view about activities and motivation issues of social entrepreneurs in the Republic of Belarus. The research aims to examine the individual features and motives of social entrepreneurs in profile of their personality related to appropriate business models for social entrepreneurship development. The broad and narrow approaches are used to get an answer about the perspectives of social entrepreneurship in this country. The objectives of research are arised as follow: 1) define approaches of social entrepreneurs‘ for individual profiling; 2) describe the motives of entrepreneurs to start activities for social business; 3) highlight the business models of  social enterprises‘ establishment. The methods of research: monographic, descriptive and meta-analysis of scientific literature. As well as the analysis of the empirical data is produced by in-depth interviews with the heads of organizations and enterprises engaged in social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus (in-depth interviews were conducted in the period from 15th August to 15th November 2015, and 10 experts were involved). The key findings of research: marked a „broad“ and „narrow“ approaches for higlighting the profile of social entrepreneurs; approved the consequences that social entrepreneurs are high motivated and biased towards achieving socially beneficial purposes rather than material well-being; identified the circumstances about the existance of individual and organizational models for establishment social enterprises.

JEL Codes: H49, H55, O33, P46.


Keyword(s): motivation, social business, social entrepreneur, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, business models

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