Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 3

The evaluation of marketing asset influence on the effectiveness of international companies

Roman Ponomarenko


In the age of total dematerialization of global business the process of international company asset evaluation (especially its financial and managerial aspects) becomes more complex. Taking into account the modern economic context it is harder for professional marketers to asset the potential, strategic output of available company resource management and especially marketing activities. Therefore, this paper addresses the following problem: what are the key prospects of marketing asset usage in the modern strategic management and what is the degree of their influence on the effectiveness of international companies? This paper aims to identify the key elements of marketing asset system and its impact on the company performance by analyzing the correlation between key ratings, which evaluate the quality of every asset management and the profit dynamics of relevant international companies during 2010–2015. The results of detailed analysis indicate the greatest impact of such assets as brands, marketing information system, marketing strategy and alliance-based assets on the company performance.

JEL Codes: F23, M31.

Keyword(s): marketing-mix, marketing assets, correlation analysis, strategic marketing management, international companies, TNC, business effectiveness

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