Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 38, Number 3

Multifunctional development of territories: innovative approaches to management

Maria Plotnikova


The main goal of the system existence is the constant development. The ambiguity of interpretations of this concept, including in the context of the territorial entity, the lack of a systematic approach to sustainable development activates the search for the mechanism of its provision. There is a question, what is the way in management of the territory and what should be taken? The aim of the study is development category disclosure, search and justification of methods for implementation of programs for system innovation development of territories. The theoretical and methodological base of the study is system analysis and Systems theory. It is found that the development is a non-stop motion, evolution of space and structures therein. Human as the live self-sustaining system is a structure changing surroundings, its successful functioning is possible only in harmony with nature. Practical implementation of system cooperation of human and nature is successfully implemented in a network of ecological and ancestral settlements, which represent self-sufficiency and focus of development.

JEL Codes: D83, O10, Q01, Q18, R28.

Keyword(s): forms of development, principles of development, characteristics of development, system management, the development of the territories

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