Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 30

Assessment of Lithuania Strategic Planning Documents Sustainability for Enhancing the Employment and Job Places Development in the Rural Regions

Alvydas Aleksandravičius, Asta Raupelienė
Stulginskis University


Sustainable new job creation and development in rural regions is sufficient based on the EU and Lithuania in rural and regional development of the strategic provisions of 2014–2020 period, but their requires adaptation and shall be assessed according to the situation in rural regions and the specificity of available potential of rural areas.
The EU and Lithuania's strategic planning documents, goals, objectives and significance of measures of job creation and development of rural areas of consistency and sustainability aspects are presented in the article. National and EU strategies and programs to support the significance of employment and new job creation were analyzed by content (Content) analysis.

Keyword(s): balanced development; employment; sustainable development

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